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Go next level with a dedicated 4PL control tower

Ready to turn your freight-forwarding logistics into a strategic business solution? Caroz, THE China connection can help. Our sister company, Caroz, THE control tower, is a first mover and global leader in TMS transport shipment software and full-service control tower solutions. If anyone can help you navigate the technicalities, we can. Based on a three-step model (design-build-operate), this is how we go to work for you and with you.

Design: think big

The Caroz control tower is the cutting edge of supply chain and logistics technology. It integrates the ERP, WMS, and TMS systems of vendors, manufacturers, 2PLs, 3PLs and other partners, and then extends these integrations with detailed insight. This creates seamless transport flows and full operational control throughout the supply chain. By thinking big and offering customised logistics solutions, we can help you to optimise your fulfilment lead times, reduce inventory costs, manage exceptions in real-time, and to increase orders delivered on time, in full.

Working together, we co-develop multiple scenarios that reflect your logistics needs. We analyse options to combine shipments and transport modes based on lead time, costs, service, risk, and other criteria to identify your optimal transport flow for every shipment. 


  • A representative blueprint to demonstrate our solution’s potential
  • In-depth insight into your logistics processes
  • Ideal future supply chain scenarios to better manage business processes
  • Distribution solutions to overcome or avoid short-term issues

Build: start small

The Caroz control tower combines intelligent supply chain management software with processes that are independent of any one logistics provider. More fundamentally, our control tower connects the dots in your transport flows – a process that is unique to you. With so many options and factors to consider, it’s smart to start small. So we begin by developing a real-life working showcase to demonstrate the benefits of the Caroz control tower and the opportunities it offers you.
  • A collaboration-based approach to optimising your logistics processes step by step
  • Customisation of the supporting logistics platform
  • Training so you and we are up and running as soon as possible
  • A real-world showcase to demonstrate our solution’s potential

Operate: scale fast

The Caroz control tower makes controlling your logistics and transport flows – key management and business processes – a worry-free process. With the showcase having demonstrated your potential gains the potential, we scale up fast by combining logistics processes, specialists, and IT. Dashboards provide detailed status information across all your shipments and stakeholders, 24/7. We help you identify potential improvements and provide more efficient procurement and transport management. Your supply chain partners can also access your control tower 24/7 via a cloud-hosted portal. The result is more insight, more control over your supply chain, and the repositioning of your logistics as a unique selling point. Plus lower costs, higher levels of service, greater reliability, and improved sustainability.
  • Order Management: selecting the best transporter for each job
  • Financial Management: ensuring the correct payments are made
  • Performance Management: measuring the operational performance of all parties and translating this into actionable tactical and strategic information. Converting data and information into action points and guidelines for improvement
  • Procurement Management: consolidating orders, improving the platform, atomizing information flows and producing custom reports

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