Caroz Market Update: Spot rates ease as Red Sea situation ‘normalises’

Each monthly update we will highlight one trending topic which has an effect on the global ocean freight market.

The Red Sea situation has been going on for over two months now. Spot rates are slowly but surely dropping and it seems that the market is adjusting more and more to sailing around via the Cape of Good Hope. We can say that the Red Situation is ‘normalising’. What does that mean? You can find out in this market update!

CAROZ’s eye opener:

The normalisation of the Red Sea situation may provide short-term relief, but concerns about overcapacity and market stability persist. Proactive strategies, such as adjusting rates and implementing blank sailings, are necessary to adapt to changing market dynamics. Additionally, the eventual return of ships to the Suez route will require careful planning and logistical expertise to manage increased cargo volumes effectively.

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Each monthly update we will highlight the developments within the Ocean freight market including the following topics:

  • Trending topic: Spot rates ease as Red Sea situation ‘normalises’
  • Rail & Air | Asia – Europe
  • Space & rate developments
  • Port developments & congestion
  • Schedule reliability
  • TEU per operator
  • How to mitigate the risks

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