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CAROZ, The control tower from Venlo announces that is has acquired Informore. CAROZ and Informore have partnered in several successful projects in the past 9 years.

Informore was founded in 1992 by Pieter Jongens and Pieter Kooi. The company was the first in Europe that offered a Transport Management System which was specially designed for shippers. Since its founding the company served a wide range of clients as Apple, AkzoNobel (Nouryon) and Samsung Electronics.

The cloud-based system connects seamlessly to (ERP)systems of shippers, offering visibility in segments of the logistics chain and optimizes the order-to-cash process. The completely new and advanced system saves on transport costs, providing an unrivalled understanding and enables a maximum optimization possible in logistics processes.

CAROZ, founded by Rudy Claessens in Venlo (NL) in 2000, aims to occupy an independent position within the NUNNER group. Caroz was one of the first players on the Dutch market to focus on so-called control tower (or 4PL) activities at the start of this millennium. CAROZ developed a renowned name in the 4PL industry, which independently – without burden or consultation – searches transparently for the best solutions for its customers.

Rudy Claessens, CEO of Caroz: “A change is occurring in logistics. These changes have a major impact on the market. These changes have far more impact than ever before. These changes are accompanied by digitization. This resulted in the strategic choice to give the control tower software a more prominent presence within the proposition of Caroz”. With this acquisition two digital logistics leaders will come together under 1 brand – Caroz. This combination enables a double frontrunner – the first manned control tower (Caroz) and the first digital control tower (Informore).

Maurits Jongens, Managing Director of Informore, is enthusiastic about the take over by CAROZ and explains: “By uniting this leading and dynamic player in the 4PL industry we are able to give more companies full support and our highly advanced solution may even grow faster as THE Transport Management System of the future”.

Erwin Cootjans, chairman of the NUNNER group, adds: “The 4PL market continues to grow. The acquisition of Informore by CAROZ is the key to providing customers in this combination with the most progressive 4PL solution on the market in the coming years. We are proud to be able to take this step.”

Cootjans and Claessens conclude: “These two diamonds now unite in a new corporate identity where THE control tower and THE TMS are going to make the difference in end-to-end supply chain visibility and logistics management.”

About Caroz, THE control tower:
Founded in 2000 in Venlo has its offices in Venlo, Rotterdam and six offices in China and Hongkong. Caroz provides worldwide coverage for our customers and sets the new standard in logistics with a unique approach. By coordinating logistics flows in an independent, transparent manner and from a central perspective as a control tower, Caroz increases the competitive power of its customers. By simplifying knowledge-intensive and time-consuming processes, Caroz provides a total concept to improve the supply chain together with its customers.

About Informore, THE TMS:
Informore offers a comprehensive TMS for shippers. With proven technology we offer a scalable basis for each company, on which customization can be added. With decades of experience there is no other party offering more efficient interfaces and operational processes translated into optimal configuration of the TMS. A personal and flexible approach make Informore the company it is, for many years now, preferred for several renowned companies.

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