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Companies that work with Caroz, THE China connection see significant operating improvements, enjoy end-to-end visibility, and their supply chains become more sustainable and agile. They are also better able to respond to market needs, improve their on-time delivery, and enjoy significant cost savings. This is because we put our clients at the heart of our story. So our story is not about us, it’s about you, what we can do for you and your success. Here are some examples.

Here are some examples

Maintaining global leadership in strapping products

This global leader in strapping products has benefited
hugely since replacing multiple providers with our one-stop ocean freight service s. It’s a massive job that covers all its international transport flows. Picture a global, diverse and complex customer portfolio, inbound, outbound and intercompany flows, and over 120 offices around the world. Caroz, THE China connection coordinates its ocean freight globally, from first mile to last, making sure their strapping products reach the world’s cargo.

Ensuring critical medical supplies arrive on time

Our client delivers medical supplies to hospitals, care homes, and other healthcare providers across Australia. When COVID-19 hit, their customer demand spiked by 600%! We got to work. Using airfreight charters, we ensured their just-in-time deliveries continued to arrive on time during the height of the pandemic. We are proud to play an ongoing role in improving human health and safety, not only in Australia, but across the globe as well.

Hitting the sweet spot between speed and cost

This leading European automotive client wanted to shorten its supplier and customer lead times between Europe and Asia. Using the New Silk Route railway connection for LCL and FCL solutions, we provide them with a faster-than-ocean but cheaper-than-air logistics option from East to West and West to East. Managing the communication, information, documentation, and physical flows, we provide the connection between suppliers and customers, the rail operators, and this automotive giant.

Getting milk to China’s cities, towns and villages

Supplying powdered milk in China is a booming market. Employing the independent control tower concept developed by our sister company in Europe, Caroz, THE
control tower, we facilitate the local road freight distribution of powdered milk exports to China, and to various other countries in Asia-Pacific.

Bringing efficiency into fashion

When a fashion company learned about our warehouse hub concept, they were quickly sold. The idea: deliver directly to retail stores without requiring your own warehouse. Through a central warehouse that we coordinate in Shanghai, fashion customers can consolidate their bought or sold goods at source ahead of the long journey to Europe or other global destinations. This cuts transport costs massively. It also supports repacking, relabelling, and re-sorting goods for cross-trades so these don’t have to go through local warehouses at their eventual destination. The coordination of these local flows is done by Caroz and can be followed in the Caroz Enterprise Portal.

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