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Caroz, THE China connection combines expert freight-forwarding with the world’s leading control tower solution: Caroz, THE control tower. From strategic locations in Asia-Pacific, we ensure our customers and partners get their products where they need to be, on time anywhere in the world. And for those who aim to be global leaders, our control tower solution optimises your logistics chain and turns it into a strategic advantage. Think end-to-end visibility, greater agility, more speed, and significant cost reductions. Transforming your business from traditional freight forwarding to next-generation logistics.

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Be a dependable supplier, build customer loyalty, reduce your costs, and be ready for what’s next? At Caroz, THE China connection, we can help you to do all those things. Employing our advanced logistics control tower, we deliver excellent freight-forwarding solutions for companies that want to do business in, to, and from Asia-Pacific. Result: better day-to-day shipping plus a path to making strategic and value-adding operational improvements. That’s better logistics creating a better business for you.

Better Business

Survey after survey confirms that smart logistics services are a valuable selling point. Clients want faster deliveries, more precise delivery slots, transparent worldwide tracking information, and, increasingly, white-glove levels of care. Through our combination of trustworthy freight forwarding and advanced control tower expertise, we can help you turn your international deliveries into a differentiated customer experience.

Better Logistics

Most logistics companies already use IT solutions to optimise supply chain flows. But honestly, this is just the starting point. The price of entry. Next-generation digital logistics platforms are unleashing a revolution in supply chain management and business processes. And we are leading the way. Through our control tower solution, we can help you to make the transformation from freight forwarding to optimised global logistics, ensuring that every carton, pallet, ULD, package, or container follows its optimal path to the customer.

For You

Caroz, THE China connection specialises in providing the best logistics within, to, and from China, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world. Work with us and we promise you better shipping performance and improved reliability. Going further, we can also help you make your supply chain truly agile and resilient, so you can respond faster and more smoothly to changing market needs. And with our advanced control tower solutions, you can make your global logistics more sustainable and improve your management control to create logistics that are built around you, for you.

THE Company

Founded by a group of acknowledged industry experts, Caroz, THE China connection is unique in logistics: the company that combines Western and Chinese management, in China, to deliver the best of both worlds. Our personal approach, market knowledge and engagement to your business make Caroz your partner of choice for Loyalty, Reliability, Honesty, and Transparency. And for innovation, too, as we expand our offering to include our European sister company’s advanced control tower solution.

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Market Update

Caroz Market Update: The rapid rise of container shipping costs

Container shipping spot rates from China have surged, with the World Container Index showing a 20% increase in just one week. This significant rise reflects the complex challenges and hectic facing global shipping, from vessel shortages to increased congestion. Dive into the details and explore the factors driving these dramatic changes.

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